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    168 câu trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh cơ bản THPT

    1. John isn’t contented with his present salary
    A. excited about B. satisfied with C. disappointed with D. interested

    2. We seldom see each other anymore.
    A. somtimes B. accationally C. frequently D. rarely

    3. She purchased a number of shares in the company.
    A. invested B. sold C. exchanged D. bought

    4. She got…as soon as the alarm went …..
    A. over/on B. up/down C. up/off D. on/off

    5. The plane from Dallas …….two hours late, so I missed my connecting flight from Franfurt to London.
    A. took on B. took in C. took over D. took off

    6. We had a nice chat over a cup of tea.
    A. formal talk B. informal talk C. serious talk D. long talk

    7. It was time to……the kids ready for bed.
    A. prepare B. get C. take D. make

    8. Is was a difficult time, but we never gave up hope.
    A. stopped B. continued C. had D. offered

    9. I’ll see him when he…here tomorrow.
    A. comes B. will come C. has come D. had come

    10.We’ve given up ….to persuade them ……..
    A. try/changing B. trying/to change C. to try/changing D. try/to change

    11. Maria is going to stop….dinner, so she may me late.
    A. eating B. to eat C. for eating D. eat

    12. As soon as the light turned red, she ….the car.
    A. stopped B. has stopped C. was stopping D. stops

    13. The baby is so big! How much……now ?
    A. is she weighing B. she weighs C. does she weigh D. did she weigh

    14. Harry works all the time.He……..
    A. never relaxes B. relaxes never C. often relaxes D. relaxes sometimes

    15. These glasses are so dirty.You need …….them.
    A. wash B. washing C. to wash D. washed

    16. The last time I…swimming was when we was in Spain.
    A. had gone B. went C. has gone. D. was going

    17. Johnny ….the paper when I ……home.
    A. read/interrupted B. read/was interrupting
    C. has read/interrupted D. was reading/interrupted

    18. We were told ……and fasten our seat belts.
    A. to seat down B. sitting down C. sit down D. that sit down

    19. The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody ….to bed.
    A. have gone B. went C. had gone D. goes

    20. It was the most……..experience of my life.
    A. frighten B. frightening C. frightened D. frightful

    21. Ann is interested in…..young children.
    A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching

    22. I finished ……the book and went to bed.
    A. reading B. to read C. read D. to be read

    23. The police questioned me at some length and I didn’t enjoy…..
    A. to question B. questioning C. to be questioned D. beiing questioned

    24. Dad allowed Dora …..to the party.
    A.going B.to go C.go D.gone

    25. My teacher expected me……well in exams.
    A.do B.doing C.to do D.to have done

    26. Will you please stop ……TV channels.
    A. to change B. change C. be changed D. changing

    27. My glasses are in my book bag, but I don’t remember …..them there.
    A. putting B. to put C. I put D. put

    28. I’d like….some where different for a change.
    A. to go B. going C. go D. to have gone

    29. He agreed ……the job as soon as possible.
    A. start B. starting C. to start D. to be started

    30. Look at the windows! They really need………
    A. to clean B. cleaning C. to be cleaned D. B and C are correct

    31. I’m tired.I’d rather…..out this evening, if you don’t mind.
    A. not going B. not to go C. don’t go D. not go

    32. The bank manager advised……a loan.
    A. to take me out B. me taking out C. me to take out D. me take out’

    33. I must go now. I promised….. late.
    A. not being B. not to be C. to not be D. I wouldn’t be

    34. The children are looking forward …..their grandma again.
    A. seeing B. to see B. to seeing D. to be seen

    35. Our teacher made me….all the questions.
    A. answer B. to anwer C. answering D. answered

    36. I don’t mind…..home but I’d rather …. A taxi.
    A. to walk/to get B. walking/to get C. walking/get D. to walk/getting

    37. It is/n’t safe for children……on ladders.
    A. playing B. to play C. play D. played

    38. Famous people get tired of……everywhere they go.
    A. recognizing B. to recognize C. recognize D. being recognized

    39.You shouldn’t spend all your time……
    A. study B. to study C. studying D. studied

    40. John doesn’t play tennis. David doesn’t play tennis.
    A. Both John and David doesn’t play tennis.
    B. Neither John nor David plays tennis.
    C. Not either John or David plays tennis.
    D. Not only John but also David doesn’t play tennis.

    41: If you do the washing up, I’ll cook lunch.
    A. I can’t do the washing up but I’ll cook lunch.
    B. If you can’t cook, you can do the washing up.
    C. You do the washing up and I’ll cook lunch.
    D. If you don’t do anything, I won’t, either.

    42: We had nothing to eat but bananas.
    A. We ate everything but not bananas.
    B. We didn’t eat anything even bananas.
    C. Bananas were all we had to eat.
    D. Nothing to eat was better than bananas.

    43: The coach said, “It’s time for you to go home, boys!”
    A. The coach told the boys that it was time for you to go home.
    B. The coach tells the boys that it was time for them to go home.
    C. The coach told the boys that it is time for them to go home.
    D. The coach told the boys that it was time for them to go home.

    44: A small church lies at the foot of the hill.
    A. At the foot of the hill a small church lie.
    B. At the foot of the hill does a small church lies.
    C. At the foot of the hill lies a small church.
    D. At the foot of the hill does lie a small church.

    45: All of us are waiting the man ______ son was lost.
    A. who B. which C. whom D. whose

    46: Ken asked Barbara_____ she would like to go to the cinema.
    A. unless B. in case C. regarding D. whether

    47: _____ the old man spoke very slowly and clearly, I couldn’t understand him at all.
    A. If B. Because C. Since D. Although

    48: The girl ______ is our neighbor.
    A. talks to the lady over there
    B. is talking to the lady over there
    C. was talking to the lady over there
    D. talking to the lady over there

    49: Her eyes were red and puffy _____ she had been crying a lot last night.
    A. even if B. since C. because of D. despite

    50: My daughter often says that she won’t get married until she _____ 25 years old.
    A. is B. will be C. will have been D. has been

    51: Don’t ask me anything about sports. I like ______ football _____ tennis.
    A. neither / nor B. both / and C. not only/ but also D. either / or

    52: The old manager has just retired, so Jack takes _____ his position.
    A. on B. out C. in D. up

    53: Your last job was a bank manager, _____ it?
    A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t D. wasn’t

    54: Children will work hard if the lessons are _____.
    A. expressing B. inquiring C. disappointing D. interesting

    55: _____ Long has finished his work, he will go home.
    A. As quickly as B. As far as C. As soon as D. As long as

    56: Life here is very ______.
    A. peace B. peacefully C. peaceful D. peacefulness

    57: It is raining outside, and Tom brought his umbrella with him _____ he wouldn’t get wet.
    A. so as to B. in order C. so that D. in order to

    58: _____ quarrelled with her boyfriend yesterday, she doesn’t want to answer his phone call.
    A. Having B. Because having C. Because hadn’t D. Having not

    59: I gave up the job, _____ the attractive salary.
    A. because B. because of C. although D. despite

    60: Everyone was asleep when the enemy ______.
    A. was attacking B. attacked C. had attacked D. attacking

    61: Jack can speak two languages. One is English. ______ is Vietnamese.
    A. Other B. The other C. Another D. Others

    62: Dogs are good traveling companions. They will go _____ you take them.
    A. whichever B. wherever C. whatever D. whenever

    63: He keeps working _____ feeling unwell.
    A. although B. because of C. in spite of D. unless

    64: He talked as if he ______ where she was.
    A. knew B. had known C. would know D. were knowing

    65: Please don't be so ______ I can't do all the work by myself.
    A. reason B. reasonable C. unreasonable D. reasonably

    66: Lomonosov was not _____ a great scientist but also a very talented poet.
    A. hardly B. fairly C. merely D. scarcely

    67: My father asked me _____ of the film.
    A. what do you think B. what I think C. what did you think D. what I thought

    68: Mr Gibbon usually drinks mineral water, but in this party he _____ champagne.
    A. drinks B. will drink C. has drunk D. is drinking

    69: The manager did not offer her the job because of her untidy ______.
    A. sight B. view C. presence D. appearance

    70: Kate is going to the United States for her holiday. She ______ up for nearly a year now.
    A. save B. saves C. is saving D. has been saving

    71: The doctor advised me ______ .
    A. smoke B. not smoking C. not to smoke D. not to smoking

    72: “Will you come to the party tomorrow?”
    - “I will if I _____ no visitors.”
    A. have B. will have C. had D. am having

    73: Do you know the boy_______ father is a teacher.
    A. that B. whom C. whose D. which

    74: He ______ the effects of radiation when he suddenly died.
    A. was studying B. studied C. had been studying D. had studied

    75: I think he _____ better not encourage the students to take extra lessons.
    A. will B. should C. could D. had

    76: Dr.Sales is a person _______ I don’t have much confidence.
    A. whom B. in whom C. in that D. that

    77: He thought much of his childhood ______ he lived with his family in the country.
    A. that B. where C. when D. which

    78: His grandfather died ______ the age of 90.
    A. in B. of C. on D. at

    79: He always _______ .
    A. avoids to meet me B. avoiding to meet me
    C. avoids meeting me D. to avoid meeting me

    80: There was a lot of traffic _______.
    A. and we got to the airport on time
    B. but we managed to get to the airport in time
    C. because we had to get to the airport on time
    D. so that we could get to the airport in time

    81: Let’s go out for a walk, _____ ?
    A. do we B. don’t we C. won’t we D. shall we

    82: I was learning maths when _______ .
    A. my mother comes back B. my mother came back
    C. my mother has come back D. my mother is coming back

    83: “Who sings best in your school?” -“Minh _____.”
    A. sings B. is C. has D. does

    84: Several _______ are known to cause cancer to develop.
    A. chemists B. chemistry C. chemical D. chemicals

    85: Please ask them ______ in this area.
    A. don’t smoke B. not smoking C. to not smoke D. not to smoke

    86: The boy ______ is standing there is my son.
    A. which B. who C. whose D. whom

    87: Television _____ very popular since the 1950s.
    A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

    88: Drinking and smoking will do great harm ______ people’s health.
    A. to B. for C. with D. in

    89: It is the largest ship I _______ .
    A. had seen B. saw C. have ever seen D. see

    90: Everybody in both cars _______ injured in the accident last night.
    A. is B. are C. was D. were

    91: _______ to have lunch with us today?
    A. Do you like B. Would you like C. Will you like D. Have you like

    92: We were disappointed that most of the guests ______ when we arrived at the party.
    A. leave B. left C. have left D. had left

    93: Pupils are looking forward to _______ on holiday.
    A. go B. going C. went D. have gone

    94: She hasn’t heard from her son ________.
    A. for several weeks B. for several weeks ago
    C. since several weeks D. since several weeks ago

    95: Gold _____ near San Francisco in 1848, and the gold rush started the following year.
    A. discovered B. was discovered C. has been discovered D. is discovered

    96: I’ll introduce to you the man ______ support is necessary for your project.
    A. who. B. whom. C. that. D. whose.

    97: All the guests got dressed in ________ costume.
    A. nation B. national C. nationally D. nationalize

    98: The more he tried to explain, ________.
    A. the most confused we got B. the much confused we got
    C. the more confused we got D. the many confused we got

    99.Tom can run faster than Tim.
    A. Tim can run faster than Tom. B. Tim can run as fast as Tom.
    C. Tim can not run as fast as Tom. D. Tom can run as slowly as Tim

    100. Hurry up or you'll be late _____ school.
    A. on B. in C. to D. for

    101. May I introduce you _____ Mrs. Brown?
    A. for B. with C. to D. of

    102. _____ the students in my class enjoy taking part in social activities.
    A. Most of B. Most C. Many D. The number of

    103. He's always busy. He has _____ time to relax.
    A. much B. little C. a little D. plenty of

    104. I am used to _____ by plane.
    A. travel B. to travel C. travelled D. travelling

    105. Doctors use laser beams _____ bone in ear surgery.
    A. to remove B. remove C. removing D. removed

    106. We set off early _____ we wouldn't get stuck in the traffic.
    A. because B. so that C. although D. in case

    107. He always wears clothes _____ are too small for him.
    A. why B. what C. which D. where

    108. He felt _____ with the results of his exam.
    A. disappointing B. disappointed C. disappointedly D. disappointment

    109. Don't be afraid. This snake is _____ .
    A. harm B. harmful C. harmless D. unharmed

    110. Fortunately, the plane landed _____ after the violent storm.
    A. safe B. safely C. unsafe D. safety

    111. During his _____, his family lived in the United States.
    A. child B. childish C. childlike D. childhood

    112. She did the job_____ .
    A. succeed B. successful C. successfully D. unsuccessful

    113. There are a lot of _____ jobs in this company.
    A. attractive B. attracted C. attract D. attraction

    114. She’d rather watch television, _____?
    A. doesn’t she B. didn’t she C. hadn’t she D. wouldn’t she

    115. I’ve lived near the airport for so long that I’ve got _____ to the noise of the planes.
    A. familiar B. known C. used D. custom

    116. If only he_____ accept some help with the work instead of trying to do it alone!
    A. will B. may C. would D. were

    117. I was born in Scotland but I_____ in Northern Ireland.
    A. grew up B. grow up C. am growing up D. would grow up

    118. Please call the doctor if the victim is _____ hurt.
    A. bad B. serious C. badly D. accidentally

    119. The policeman _______ me the way to the station.
    A. told B. said C. explained D. directed

    120.We didn’t _____ the station in time to catch the train.
    A. get B. make C. arrive D. reach

    121. By the time Alfonso finally graduated from high school, he _____ seven different schools because hisparents moved frequently.
    A. attended B. was attending C. had attended D. had been attending

    122.A small stone struck the windshield while we_____ down the gravel road.
    A. drive B. were driving C. had driven D. had been driving

    123.The headmaster disapproved_____ his behaviour.
    A. with B. by C. on D. of

    124. The shop opposite my house sells a variety of _____ .
    A. objects B. purchases C. goods D. productions

    125.The new shopping centre is big. It's advertised as a place ______ you can find just about anything you might want to buy.
    A. where B. which C. in where D. in that

    126.He arrived at the hotel with only_____ luggage.
    A. a little B. a few C. few D. little

    127.They_____ all day swimming and sunbathing at the beach.
    A. passed B. used C. spent D. occupied

    128."Where's Loan?" - "She _______"
    A. is in her room studying B. in her room is studying
    C. studies in her room D. has in her room studied

    129. "Is this the address to ______ you want the package sent?"
    A. where B. that C. which D. whom

    130. His parents never allowed him _____.
    A. to smoking B. smoked C. smoking D. to smoke

    131. I have always wanted to visit Paris, ______ of France.
    A. is the capital B. which the capital is
    C. that is the capital D. the capital

    132. The glass is made ______ sand.
    A. of B. in C. from D. at

    133. Don’t make noise. My mother _______ with her friends.
    A. is talking B. was talking C. talks D. talked

    134. "Ms. Nga, please type those letters before noon."
    "They've already ______, sir. They're on your desk."
    A. typed B. been typed C. being typed D. been being typed

    135. He was offered the job_____ he had no experience.
    A. even though B. despite C. while D. however

    136. He’s even worse than his sister _____ maths.
    A. at B. with C. in D. for

    137. Let your name _____ in the sheet of paper.
    A. to be written B. be written C. write D. being written

    138. In Vietnam, children start _____ school at the age of six.
    A. kindergarten B. secondary C. nursery D. primary

    139.The thief wore gloves so as to avoid leaving any fingerprints.
    A. The thief wore gloves so as to not leave any fingerprints.
    B. The thief wore gloves so that not leave any fingerprints.
    C. The thief wore gloves in order not to leave any fingerprints.
    D. The thief wore gloves in order to not leave any fingerprints.

    140. She started learning English ten years ago.
    A. She has not learnt English before. B. She has learnt English since ten years.
    C. She has started learning English for ten years. D. She has learnt English for ten years.

    141. “Don’t forget to phone the office”, she said
    A. She reminded him not forget to phone the office.
    B. She reminded him to forget not to phone the office.
    C. She reminded him to phone the office.
    D. She reminded him about phoning the office.

    142.They spent a lot of money on food and clothes.
    A. A lot of money was spent on food and clothes. B. A lot of money were spent on food and clothes.
    C. A lot of money on food and clothes were spent. D. Money was spent a lot on food and clothes.

    143. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car.
    A. The man is believed to be escaped in a stolen car.
    B. The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car.
    C. The man was believed to be escaped in a stolen car.
    D. They believed that the man stole the car.

    144. Brenda: "Do you think it will rain?" Carol: "Oh!______."
    A. I don’t hope B. I hope not C. I don't hope so D. It’s hopeless

    145: The librarian told us not _______ reference books out of the library.
    A. taking B. to take C. take D. took

    146: The animals gathered closely together for ______.
    A. warmed B. warm C. warmth D. warmly

    147: The house caught fire while they _____.
    A. are sleeping B. have slept C. sleep D. were sleeping

    148: Thank you for _____ me.
    A. invite B. inviting C. invited D. invitation

    149: In our school library, there are several large tables _____ we can sit to read books.
    A. where B. that C. when D. which

    150: Don't read that book. It's _____.
    A. bore B. boredom C. boring D. bored

    151: We agreed _____ Mr. Wilson was a good teacher.
    A. what B. which C. if D. that

    152: Yesterday was the day ______ they celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.
    A. when B. then C. what D. which

    153: If I _____ ten years younger, I would do yoga everyday.
    A. are B. am C. have been D. were

    154: That's the house _____ he used to stay.
    A. in which B. of which C. on which D. which

    155: I don’t mind _____ you with it if you can’t find anyone else.
    A. help B. helped C. helping D. to help

    156: Many Vietnamese people are fond _____ watching football.
    A. of B. about C. with D. in

    157: Mary ______ in London for 15 years.
    A. is living B. was living C. has lived D. lives

    158: This house, _____ he bought in 1990, is being repaired at the moment.
    A. that B. which C. who D. what

    159: There is _____ water in the bottle.
    A. many B. a number of C. few D. a little

    160: Peter ______ at the moment, so he can't answer the telephone.
    A. works B. has worked C. is working D. worked

    161: French _____ in Quebec, Canada.
    A. has spoken B. is spoken C. is speaking D. speaks

    162: We are not used _____ on the left.
    A. to drive B. to driving C. driving D. to be driven

    163: Could you ______ me how to use this new mobile phone?
    A. explain B. say C. direct D. show

    164: The Second World War _____ in 1939.
    A. starts B. started C. start D. has started

    165: He was looking for an eraser _____ he could erase a mistake in his composition.
    A. because B. therefore C. so that D. however

    166: My sister had a baby girl yesterday, and this is my first ______.
    A. son B. daughter C. niece D. nephew

    167: Dora: “What’s your name?”
    Helen: “______”
    A. Really? B. Pardon? C. OK. D. Forgive me.

    168: There are _____ planets in the universe that we cannot count them.
    A. so much B. such C. so many D. so

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