Put in the adjective in bold from the first sentence into the second sentence in its correct form (comparative or superlative).

Example: I have a fast car, but my friend has a ______ car.

Answer: I have a fast car, but my friend has a faster car.

1) This is a nice cat. It's much ______ than my friend's cat.
2) Here is Emily. She's six years old. Her brother is nine, so he is ______ .
3) This is a difficult exercise. But the exercise with an asterisk (*) is the ______ exercise on the worksheet.
4) He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the ______ hobby in the world.
5) In the last holidays I read a good book, but father gave me an even ______ one last weekend.
6) School is boring, but homework is ______ than school.
7) Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is ______ than skateboarding.
8) This magazine is cheap, but that one is______ .
9) We live in a small house, but my grandparents' house is even ______ than ours.
10) Yesterday John told me a funny joke. This joke was the ______ joke I've ever heard.