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Table of Contents:
Recent Changes in the TOEFL
Maximizing Your Vocabulary Potential— A Description of This Program
Getting to Know the TOEFL
What Is the TOEFL?
Paper and Computer-Based TOEFLs
The Paper TOEFL
Section 1: Listening Comprehension
Section 2: Structure and Written Expression
Section 3: Reading Comprehension
The Computer-Based TOEFL
The Test of Written English
Some Helpful Hints for Both Versions of TOEFL
A Word About the Future
Understanding the TOEFL Reading Section
Sample Questions
Strategy for the Paper TOEFL
Strategy for the Computer-Based TOEFL
Improving Your TOEFL Vocabulary
Read a Lot
Make Flash Cards
Make Word Lists
Learn Words from Old TOEFLs
Learn the Words in This Book
Learn to Use a Thesaurus
Building Your Vocabulary
Developing Word Attack Skills
Word Roots
Important Vocabulary Building Tools
The Dictionary
The Thesaurus
The Essential TOEFL Vocabulary
Studying the Word Entries
Answering Phrasal Questions
Lessons 1–30
Answers to Exercises: Lessons 1–30
The Practice Test (Computer-Based Format)
General Directions
Section 3: Reading
Answers to TOEFL Practice Test
Scoring Your TOEFL Practice Test (Reading)
TOEFL Section 3 Score Conversion Table