This DVD is intended for anyone who wants to understand what IELTS band scores mean
You can use this DVD to;
- see examples of IELTS test tasks
- evaluate examples of test-takers' writing and speaking performances
- find out what level of writing and speaking performance to expect from someone with a particular band score
- find out how many questions someone with a particular band srore is likely to get right in the Reading and Listening sub-tests
- conduct standards setting studies to fix minimum score requirments that meet the needs of your institution

This DVD has nine sections
The first three sections provide information about the test, calculating scores and setting standards
1. An Introduction to IELTS
2. Setting standards - advice on deciding the IELTS score that will best meet admissions. certification or other requirements
3. Marking and interpreting scores - information on marting, and guidance on understanding IELTS scores.
The remaining sections provide information about the papers,with sample materials and examples of test-takers' performances,
4. Listening
5. Academic Reading
6. General Training Reading
7. Academic Writing
8. General Training Writing
9. Speaking