IELTS On Track is a NEW set of IELTS Test practice material suitable for self study, IELTS preparation classes and further education training. IELTS On Track has over 200 pages packed with practice tests and test preparation activities, including two complete interviews for the revised IELTS Speaking Test.

Professor Stephen Slater is a key Cambridge University Press English Language Teaching international author, and along with the team of authors brings to the book extensive international experience in IELTS candidate preparation, test materials writing and IELTS assessment.

IELTS On Track practice material has been trialled in Europe, Asia and Oceania.
The Pack (book and 2 CDs)

• IELTS On Track has been written by IELTS specialists to give prospective IELTS candidates genuine preparation for, and experience of, the IELTS Test.

• IELTS On Track allows the candidate to conduct self-evaluation of his/her English proficiency before taking the formal test. It improves confidence and prospects for success in the formal IELTS Test.
• IELTS On Track is comprehensive and user friendly.

taster! The Reading Test text topics from IELTS on Track General Training

Reading Test 1
Section 1 Online Tutors; Recycling Waste
Section 2 Careers in Hotel Management; Hotel Management Diploma
Section 3 Laughter is the Best Medicine
Reading Test 2
Section 1 Rice Cooker; Rice Cooker Reviews; How does a Rice Cooker Know When to Turn Itself off?
Section 2 Have you Considered a Career in Film?; Studio 10 Film School
Section 3 The Elephant Orchestra
Reading Test 3
Section 1 Discover Hidden Island; Youth Adventure Package
Section 2 Getting a Diving Certificate; Scuba Diving
Section 3 Slow Food
Reading Test 4
Section 1 Free Wireless Connection; Using Gas Safely
Section 2 Ridgeway College; Student Telephone Service
Section 3 Seadragon Search
Reading Test 5
Section 1 Carbonara Pasta and Sauce Recipe; Find your Old School Friends
Section 2 Tall Ship Experience; Come Aboard
Section 3 Pioneer 10 Space Probe
Reading Test 6
Section 1 Adopt a Wild Dolphin; Moving House
Section 2 Distance Learning; Business School Online
Section 3 Recipe for Long Life