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Chủ đề: Business English Presentations

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    Business English Presentations

    Business English - Present

    The English coach for successful presentations

    With the Business English language trainers you will learn how to hold successful presentations in English. Audiovisual training, many cross-cultural tips, and the integrated vocabulary you prepare for all situations for all the talk in English.

    Level: B1 | B2

    Fluent language skills to win in the globalized world economy is becoming increasingly important. The new business language courses to train quickly and efficiently all the important skills for professional communication in business: post phone calls, emails and letters, negotiations, meetings and presentations, business trips, small talk, etc.

    Live instruction on the Internet
    In the virtual classroom for language teachers trained exclusively with learners to communicate in all major business situations and reveals important tricks and tips to survive in the workplace.

    Professional pronunciation training
    The revolutionary technology makes the karaoke pronunciation training even more efficient: The latest talk of situations from the business world to perfect the pronunciation step by step.

    Extensive Online Directory
    Interesting magazine articles and background reports from business and politics, news feeds and numerous other educational materials provide variety in language training.

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