Supply the correct tenses(present)

1- What ___(their mother,do) at the moment?
I think she___(wash) clothes.
2- Don’t make noise. Our mother___(sleep).
3- Mary went abroad last year. Since then, I___(not hear) from her.
4- My sister often___(not carry) this bag.
5- It’s the third time I___(be) here.
6- Tom___(do) these exercises very well since he___(start) studying this grammar on verb tenses.
7- We’ll go out when the rain___(stop).
8- I___(be) busy at present, I___(clean) the house.
9- She___(just, come) in and she___(wait) for you overthere.
10- Mr .Brown___(be) the manager. He___(be) here for over five years.
11- This is the second time you___(break) a cup.
12- You must take an umbrella. It___(rain) now.
13- I only___(hear) him twice since he went away.
14- I’ll think about your suggestion while I___(wait) for you.
15- My eyes___(be) tired now. I___(read) for a long time.
16- There___(be) no rain since he left.
17- I___(do) an exercise on the present tenses at this moment and I think I___(know) how to use it now.